THE HUMAN WEB - Francesca Remigi

THE HUMAN WEB - Francesca Remigi

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"Francesca is a bold and vibrant musical force. Her compositions are edgy, thoughtful, and played with a compelling fervor that insists that you come along for the ride. A ride that I can guarantee is well worth it.”~


Linda May Han Oh


“Francesca’s drumming, composing, and arranging for her new record The Human Web is stellar. Everything sounds so fresh to my ears. I’m really proud of her.”


~ Dan Weiss


The Human Web is an interdisciplinary project designed to investigate how technology and specifically Social Media negatively affect mental health, self identity and public life at large, starting from the composer’s personal narrative.

In this concept album, music making is conceived as a healing process and a way to share and recover from personal traumas.

Through creative music-inspired compositions combined with literature and contemporary dance performance, The Human Web unravels how social construct and pop culture’s toxic stereotypes are in control of our life models and choices.


1. Metamorfosi

2. Lost Generation

3. Trance

4. Mere Apperence & True Being

5. Follia 

6. The Human Web

7. Inside The Algorithm

8. Home Body


Dedicated to my sister Laura


releases March 23, 2022


Marta Giulioni (1), Nadia Washington (6), Davide Cerreta (6): vocals

Claire Parsons (4): vocals, electronics

Anais Drago (1,8), Angela Varo Moreno (2,4): violin

Soojung Lee (2): alto sax

Camila Nebbia (4), Alex Rashad (2), Andrew Saragossi (1): tenor sax

Nish Manjunath (6,7): tenor sax, electronics

Federico Calcagno (1,2,4,5): bass clarinet

Livio Bartolo (7), Killick Hinds (3): guitar, synths, electronics

Heikki Ruokangas (3): acoustic guitar

Sonya Belaya (4): prepared piano

Naomi Nakanishi (7), Suwon Yim (6): piano, synths

Summer Kodama (7) , Liany Mateo (6), Helen Svoboda (1), Aretha Tillotson (2,4), Stefano Zambon (3): upright bass

Francesca Remigi (1,3,4,6,7): drums


All tracks composed and arranged by Francesca Remigi


Total Time: 45,31


Recorded from our homes in 2021

Mixed by Alessandro Mazzieri in December 2021 at Splinter Studio, Utrecht (NL)

Mastered by Killick Hinds in February 2022 at H(i)nds(i)ght Studio, Athens GA (US)

Artwork and Design by Caro Nebbia

Produced by Francesca Remigi and Habitable Records


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