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RESONATING SPACES - Camila Nebbia & David Bennet

RESONATING SPACES - Camila Nebbia & David Bennet


(Digital Only)


The opening number of Resonating Spaces, Närhet, translates as “proximity”...relative distance about which we are all now acutely aware. The notion of space itself (personal, inner, public, private) has grown fibrous tiers of complexity as resonance -wherever found- is clung to for solace, for the once-familiar. Saxophonists Camila Nebbia and David Bennet engage fully with concrete ephemerality as accordant questers, questioners, coauthors in paracosmic parlance. There’s an adjustment period to participate in these breath streams roving metallic corridors; while the musical logic is immediately felt, subsequent listens tease apart, and thus emblaze, a glossolalic gossamer connection and reflection; reflection like sound waves, reflection as peering into self. From middle song Desde Lejos (“from a distance”) to ending track Temporary Entanglement, the entire set is a fitting parallel to the world we once knew and what is becoming, what has been revealed. This is quietly powerful.

-Killick Hinds, February 2022



1. Närhet

2. Drift

3. Desde Lejos

4. Randomness

5. Temporary Entanglement




released February 18, 2022

Camila Nebbia - tenor sax & gongs
David Bennet - alto sax & gongs

Recorded by Camila Nebbia and David Bennet
Mixed & mastered by Killick Hinds at H(i)nds(i)ght Studio, Athens GA, US Album photo - Nicolas Nebbia
Album design - Carola Nebbia

Special thanks to Daniel Ivan Bruno, Habitable Records Killick, Nico Nebbia and Caro Nebbia.


Recorded at Stockholm 2021



    8,00 €Price