IMBRICATE - Killick Hinds

IMBRICATE - Killick Hinds

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“This is light; hours of Stampede, Smurf, Kaboom!; this is heartship; this is suburbs; boredom; hope; imagination; fear; this is sunk; it’s kaleidoscopic; it’s hard to follow; this is pushed through a door on a rainbow of memories; this is lack of motivation; this is a lifeline; it’s my best offering; it’s overmodulation, restraint, indecision; this is first-person; it’s foregone; it’s private; this is on display; this is a privilege, this is privilege; it’s regional; it’s specific and wicked general; this is timespanning; this is age; it’s a treat; it’s a blast; this is fun; this is hard; this is soft; accented; nuanced; overt; dreamcoaxing; inventive; attributed; this is what I know, feel, guess; it’s a little difficult to talk about - it’s curious, this - I can’t stop the process; this is overexposure; this is synaptical; this is stored up; it’s unsorted; considered and (perhaps) considered; regarded; ambient; silky; reflective; pizza; tea ceremony; cloud formation; this is my forest; this is sustenance; it’s moving and gives a hoot; it’s thankful this is soul repair; it’s interactive; it’s sustained; this is where I’ve been all this time. 


Thank you as always for listening to this recording. Each piece is a real-time performance made with strings and, occasionally, computer augmentation. My work has taken many forms over the years, though this feels like the fullest expression of the Appalachian Trance Metal/Piedmont Shaman Rock concept. It all unfolded improvisationally, the music itself creating the context and form…I just had to stay out of the way. Imbricate was inspired by Zaila Avant-garde, Paolo Angeli, and Bali. Deeply so. And other beautiful people and places. And people and places yet to be. Enjoy and be well.”


  • Killick Hinds, Athens GA, US, October 21, 2021  


1. Vitrine Passengers 05:47

2. Child of the Invigoraties 01:09

3. Screenful of People Chewing 04:09

4. Conce(r)(p)t Regravel 06:04

5. Full Apostrophe Livin’ 05:01

6. Contemporary Jazz Label 03:06

7. The Heart Inside Little Animals 04:40

8. Don’t Give it a Second Thought Leader 03:19

9. Conservation Pit (Look Beneath) 09:44


Released December 2, 2021




Killick Hinds -stringed instruments & real-time MIDI augmentation



recorded live, mixed, mastered & designed by Killick Hinds at H(i)nds(i)ght Studio, Athens, Georgia, US, June-September 2021



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