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HEAR ME SPEAK - Naomi Nakanishi

HEAR ME SPEAK - Naomi Nakanishi

Hear Me Speak is a multidisciplinary, sonic portrait drawing from personal experiences as a queer, femme, and Asian-American musician. It examines America’s Anti-Asian Immigration policies and Eastern Asia’s traditional patriarchal system, both of which facilitated an aggressive culture of stereotyping and racialized sexism towards the Asian diaspora.

Pianist, improviser, and composer Naomi Nakanishi is currently based in Boston, MA. Her background in classical and folk repertoire
deeply influence her sound today through her ethereal and groove oriented compositions. Her debut EP is reconstructive in its nature, dismantling monolithic, oppressive views of the Asian diaspora while radicalizing the femme identity.


releases June 3, 2022

Voice: Burcu Gulec, track 1,2,4
Tenor saxophone: Ray Logan, track 1,2,4
Drums: Lily Finnegan, track 2,3
Drums: Francesca Remigi, track 1,3,4
Bass: Paul Pandit, track 2,3
Bass: Noam Tanzer, track 1,4
Piano: Naomi Nakanishi

Video: @halfasianlens
Mixing/Mastering: Matt Hayes

Recorded at Wellspring Sound Studio


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