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Empowered Kind - Francesca Remigi & Killick Hinds

Empowered Kind - Francesca Remigi & Killick Hinds

Creative music and free forms of exploration are the terms which better describe the body of work of these two musicians. Their music is a shapeless and fresh discovery, made of the electronic and acoustic sounds of 11 stringed instruments, 8 drums, 19 cymbals and multiple unconventional toys. This eclectic and experimental duo is releasing a new album in fall 2022.

Empowered Kind gets released on December 2, 2022 by Habitable Records.



Francesca Remigi: acoustic and electronic drums, percussions, symbiote

Killick Hinds: stringed instruments, bells, electronics


Delene Porter (track 10): symbiote



releases December 2, 2022

Recorded at: The Glow Recording Studio February 17 and 18, 2022

Recording Engineer: Jesse Mangum

Mixing Engineer: Killick Hinds

Mastering Engineer: Killick Hinds

Album Art: Carola Nebbia