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CONFINI LABILI -Calcagno Subatin Remigi

CONFINI LABILI -Calcagno Subatin Remigi

Calcagno-Subatin-Remigi is an unconventional trio of bass clarinet, guitar and drums in which the musicians explore a musical territory where improvisation and composition merge in a unique way.
The repertoire is made up of compositions by the three musicians including free improvisations.
An exceptional trio full of originality, nuances, groove and creativity.

Confini Labili gets released on August 19, 2022 by Habitable Records.




Federico Calcagno: clarinet, bass clarinet, composition
Javier Subatin: guitar, electronics, composition
Francesca Remigi: drums, percussion, composition

Mixing/Mastering: Javier Subatin

Recorded at Il Club in Albino (IT) by Javier Subatin


    12,00 €Price
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